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Dress Up Your Business for Spring With Commercial Flooring That Isn’t Boring

Commercial or institutional flooring often calls to mind unimpressive hallways, drab colors and rough finishes in warehouses. But that look is so old-school. Nowadays, for both indoor and outdoor floors and surfaces, custom decorative concrete stains, epoxy's & overlays enable any commercial enterprise to have stylish and exquisite faux stone and concrete designs and for a cost that will make even your accountant smile.

Spring means more activity in and around your business as people say goodbye to the confines of winter and spend more time outdoors to embrace the warmer weather.

Restaurant patios once again become where friends congregate. Pool decks for apartment and condo complexes fill with sun-loving tenants. Outside eating areas in office buildings host brown-baggers for lunch breaks. Gym memberships increase as people start getting in shape for summer. Hotels and bed-and-breakfast resorts welcome spring and summer travelers. Shoppers linger on sidewalks and walkways in outdoor malls and shopping centers. Decorative Concrete is the smart choice For high-traffic reception areas to penthouse conference rooms and retail stores to restaurants, Concrete provides low-maintenance, extremely durable floors in a variety of colors, finishes and design options. Additionally, stamped faux stone vertical concrete designs can update retaining walls, seat walls, fire pits, entryways, chimneys, fireplaces and more to give your business a competitive edge.

Concrete floors help keep your business in the black.

Every business keeps an eye on its bottom line, and upgrading your interior floors and exterior concrete surfaces with stamped, stained or resurfaced decorative concrete overlays makes excellent business sense.

Concrete floors outlast other flooring materials and don’t need replacing every few years. drab, boring gray concrete can become any style floor you want. Maintenance costs go down; floors are easy care and resist mold, mildew and bacteria growth, keeping your facility cleaner. concrete overlays can cure upto just over 8000 psi, meaning they are tough enough to support work trucks, heavy equipment and lots of traffic in showrooms or driveways. Old floors, walkways and patio slabs can be revitalized with a concrete overlay instead of replacing, saving you time, money and the mess of demolition.

Design with an eye to up-town elegance

No matter the size of your business, with decorative concrete overlays, you can have the high-end look of authentic Flagstone, Cobblestone, Ashlar Slate and wood planks or maybe you prefer the look of granite or marble and that is what you might find with epoxy metallic flooring and of course there is always the timeless beauty of stained concrete or chip floors, all of these for far less cost than the real thing. You can emulate any flooring style you love, adding subtle sophistication with the look of polished marble, natural stone, or classic patterns like brick and tile. With custom stenciling and staining, you can have logos, medallions or rug designs integrated onto the concrete for a truly unique effect. Do yourself a favor

Now is the perfect time to call about new concrete floors for your business. Be ready with updated style and panache when the warm weather brings new customers your way. Talk to your local decorative concrete experts today. they can help you determine whether stained, chip, metallic, stamped or custom hand-cut designs best reflect your business’s brand image. You’ll be amazed at the versatility of decorative concrete for:

Interior and exterior commercial flooring, Vertical concrete resurfacing for storefronts, accent walls and chimneys Resurfaced concrete seat walls and fire pits for patios and courtyards, concrete countertops and tabletops. contact your local artisan today.